Thursday, November 22, 2012

Loopy Loopy Loo

Well, I can breathe again. Went for a 2.5 mile hike this morning, the first exercise since last Friday and it was fine. Except...I could feel all the latent inflammation in my joints. Not exactly pain free. And I'm loopy as hell. I hate that my eyes are spinning in opposite directions and my brain is on at least a thirty second time delay.

I think I'm going to see if Dr. Alternative can squeeze in an IV next week. The things I've been doing help with the inflammation, but I seem to be stuck and probably need some help getting over the hump.

And yes, it did occur to me that maybe the out-of-the-blue asthma was all related to the gluten I'd ingested.  Clearly the inflammation is system wide. But I was still in the 'Que? I no speak-a that asthma dialect' phase of things when I wrote the original post.

This whole reaction has been news to me.

While I am gluten free for the big things like pasta, bread, cakes etc... I still get gluten in hidden sources. I've been reading labels this past week, but suspect I got hit anyway sometime last night as today is a touch worse.

Looks like my next learning curve is routing out all the hidden sources of gluten.


  1. Glad the asthma passed. I hope it was the gluten, just for the same of having an identifiable cause. It's so distressing to have such a dangerous thing come on out of the blue. :(


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