Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My girl is on antibiotics. It wasn't so much that she was sick, but that she just wasn't improving at the 4 week mark. She's got a lot of fluid behind her ears and the boogies in her nose makes the ped think sinusitis.

Hopefully she'll turn the corner now.

And I know no one really cares about these minute details, but it's in the forefront of my mind so it comes out when I sit down to write here.

I am feeling quite ill today for no apparent reason.

Fairly serious asthma attack out of nowhere this morning. Complete with muscle spasms between my ribs and the inability to talk without shortness of breath.

Now I'm exhausted.

I've taken the albuterol inhaler in back-to-back doses and have taken extra doses of inhaled steroids. Next step is to rest and then possibly the nebulizer.

Blech. I don't think I'm germ sick. No bug that I'm aware of, so the random asthma is a head scratcher. I think we have some kind of air quality advisory though. Something about lots of particulates? Usually I am not sensitive to that so much, but it is possible.

Let's end on a positive note. One book still in the Top 100. Two books on the Hot New Releases list. Wow! I'm excited about my next release which is in line with the current book selling so well and I'm working on a novella that is stretching me in new directions. Plus I think readers will really like it...assuming I can make a good cover for it.

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