Saturday, December 22, 2012


I've got some carrots and potatoes bubbling away on the stove, the first step in making a kielbasa kraut soup. So while they boil, I will share our breaking news: We are all sick.

Hubby with the flu.

The kiddo with that respiratory bug she's been battling for a month.

And me with an as yet undetermined problem. It could be that the metric ton of snow we got is messing with me, or maybe I have the kiddo's cough-forever bug, or perhaps it's whatever flu people who've had the flu shot get. I don't know. I don't have the hubby's flu, but I got something.

My lungs are not good and I'm adrenal tired (which is fatigue + weakness for those who don't know my made-up lingo).

I've upped the asthma meds, trying to head off any ER festivities. I have hope it won't come to that. I can take being sick over Christmas, but being sick in the ER over Christmas? Is too painful to contemplate.

We are trying to take it all in stride. Lots of Netflix going on and any gift that arrived in the mail today, we opened. One because the jar of pickles shattered in transit and needed to not steep my house in sour pickle juice thank-you-very-much. Another because it kept the kiddo busy and happy.

As much as I worried about being too paranoid, thank goodness I am all hyper about germs. Because Christmas is ready, waiting to be unwrapped whether I'm sick or not.

My only other concern is I became an aunt (for the first time, huzzah!) almost a month ago and the baby will be at the extended family Christmas. So long as I don't go downhill, we should be feeling okay to go unwrap presents and have a family meal, but I worry about being contagious around the baby. Any ideas on how contagious we'll actually be? I won't hold the baby or hug or touch anyone, but the kiddo isn't so easy to contain, she'll be germ vector one. So do we not go?


  1. So sorry you're not well. I hope thing turn soon. I'm still hoping I can somehow escape the husband flu bug. I read about infectious and incubation period for the flu, said adults infections for ~7 days after first symptoms, children longer and incubation period is usually 5 days. However accurate that is who knows. And is just for the flu not whatever else is going around your house. I really don't want to be sick for Christmas either want to make a whole feast. But since I'm quarantined for scent allergies anyway at least I won't be infecting anyone if I do.

    I was thinking about how Christmas is a disaster for contagious diseases since there are so many gatherings.

  2. That's a tough spot to be in. For myself, I'd not go. but then I think that my well intended "keeping my germs to myself" behaviors are not always met with gratitude or even grace on the part of the people they were meant to protect.


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