Friday, December 21, 2012

I Called It

Hubby's down.

Fever of 101F.

"I'm achy," he says.

"It's the flu," I say.

"No, no it's not." His lips tighten and he glares at me.

Diagnosis? Denial.

But thermometers don't lie.

So we'll see whether I succumb or not.


  1. Oh my gosh can I copy and past your blog to mine. EXACT same story here. EVERY DETAIL!!

    Hope "not the flu" doesn't catch either of us!!

  2. Oh no. Flu in the house is about as scary as it gets. I too have exogenous cushings from a lifetime of asthma steroid sprays and pred at times if i got flu. Nothing terrifies me more than getting flu with my asthma. Now i have adrenal insuffiency as well i just cant imagine what would happen.
    Am in the middle of steroid withdrawal and am housebound but i might resort to spraying hubby down with dettol when he gets home.
    Am praying you dont catch it. Stay well please.


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