Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Coming

The kiddo has the same hollow-eyed look as the neighbor kid. I would bet she's 24-72 hours away from impact as that seemed to be the time delay with the neighbors.

Or not.

Oh how I want to be paranoid! I wish it was paranoia! Team Nuts for the win!

I'm over here all adrenal because I'm off progesterone for the next however many days. So I can't tell if my body is just pissed I'm denying its hormone of choice or if I'm on the flu's hit list too.

Either way, I spent the better part of the after noon in bed for the first time in a long time.

Watching this. 

Dr. Lustig continues to be my science crush. Sigh.

Now I'm going to meander a bit...

Took the kiddo to the ped yesterday. She did her antibiotics, was well for all of two days and then began hacking like Santa after centuries of cigar smoking. Initially, it didn't seem too bad, but we recently progressed to shortness of breath on activity and now she sounds worse than Santa after centuries of cigar smoking.

Surprisingly, she's not up all night coughing.

Ped had nothing to say other than they didn't see anything serious. We're going to treat it like asthma and see if it improves. If not, back we go...or not, I haven't decided.

On our way out of the office, the kiddo says, "Now I'll be like you, mommy." This was in reference to the inhaler she's to take. She was happy about it too, whereas my stomach sank.

I took a deep breath and did my best to explain what mommy has is something I hope she never has to endure. "Be like your Daddy," I told her. "He's never sick."

This confused her. I foresee some work ahead on this issue. Surely as much as she's seen the sick she's also seen how mommy always plans crafts, read books, takes her to school and other events plus works? I'm not exactly a Victorian hysteric (this blog aside).

Anyway...the shooting in heart breaks. We have a society and political system that would rather be on the sidelines of funerals for five-year-olds than fund the programs or create the legislation that stop the violence before it starts. Once is a mistake. Two, three, four, five, six mass shooting--all just since I've been an adult-- is unacceptable tolerance of a sick, toxic status quo.

It needs to stop.

And all the gun nuts whining 'but you can't take mah guns' need to stfu.

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