Saturday, December 29, 2012

Limited Engagement: The Rash

Here's a picture of the rash. It is actually red not brown, the camera warped the colors a bit. You can see the blood welling up underneath the skin on the right. Yep just that one bright little pin prick kind of in the middle there. It looks a bit like a mole, but in real life it is stop sign red. I'm sure it won't be alone for long.

Oh and why did I eat wheat? Two reasons: I'd gone more than a month without any bread or obvious wheat sources much to my husband's aggravation. He missed having bread in the house. He wanted me to bake Christmas cookies and kept telling me I was nuts. He thought I was being silly.

I may be nuts, but probably not about this.

Second, I had a doctor's appointment with the gastroenterologist that I forgot to cancel, and by the time I realized I should've cancelled, it was Xmas already with the appointment the next day. So I  thought 'what the hell I'll trigger the rash to show them so we have something to do'. As it turned out, the appointment was cancelled by the doctor and I'd done this to myself for no good reason.

I don't think I have Celiac's. I'm not malnourished. I don't have GI issues now that the adrenal stuff is more stable.

I am wondering though if it's not gluten intolerance and more of an allergy. The rash was a little delayed in appearance after eating bread and cookies on Christmas Day, but the itching (OMG the itching) was immediate.

So I guess I need to sort that out because an allergy might be a bigger problem than gluten intolerance.

Here's a shot that shows the spread of the rash, the camera only picked up the most affected areas, in reality my entire neck and upper chest is some degree of pink/red. Some areas have those raised blister thingys I mentioned.

My husband doesn't think I'm being silly anymore.


  1. Oh yeah, I can see the spread in the second picture. Great that you took pix of it. You know the rule in medicine, "pix or it didn't happen!"

    That is scary. Can you chug some benadryl and zantac?

  2. Dude! I would have to agree. Avoid avoid. Try again someday in a tiny amount if inclined.


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