Thursday, December 6, 2012

Loose End, Tied

That would be an emphatic yes on the tricked out glammed out rocket ship and space suit (although she might decide silver lame is fashion enough).

Total girlie girl. Who is also going to be a nerd.

For the record, she's the one saying she wants "more science stuff." However, I don't think she's thought through the implications on the pink and glitter front. Sadly, they are mutually exclusive. (Anyone else thinking how kick ass it would be to pair a lab coat Barbie with an awesome glam microscope and pre-made slides? No? Just me?)

I'm going slightly crazy this month for Christmas. We have money for once and I am decently healthy for's hard not to overbuy as I have an abundance of the two rarest commodities in my life. Next year I will make more of an effort to restrain myself  (see also: the fiscal cliff will eat our disposable income and go after the money we need for groceries) but I'm not going to deny a Happy Christmas this year. Not after such a long period of suck.

Anyway, I just did a little mini workout and am cooling down by blogging with a side of steaming hot (low carb) chocolate. That's not how you end your workouts? You are missing out!

The kiddo is sick. Again. Good Lawd. She's coughing at night and has gunk in the lungs. I am mildly concerned.

There are only 7 kids in her pre-k class (yes, that is awesome) so I don't get how we're doing back-to-back sick. Hmmm. And I have no idea how I'm staying out of the fray (please don't let it ever end though).

I finally finished a project I was working on before my hospitalization in 2010...the kiddo's 2009 baby book. It just arrived in the mail today. It had lingered untouched in Shutterfly's system for so long I wasn't able to edit anything, so I had to order it with four blank pages in the back. Finished is more a euphemism for 'I opened my wallet and bought something.' If I could've edited I would've though. Does that count?

That last paragraph was really all I wanted to say. I do tend to go off in tangents, don't I?

Okay, gotta run. Time to kick this day's ass. Boo yah!

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  1. I wonder if she has leaf mold allergies. I do, discovered only by my chronic sinusitis that starts in November and lasts until there is a snow cover.

    For girlie science stuff, it does exist. Usually rather reviled but for a little kid who likes glittery pink, maybe not a bad idea.


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