Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nothing Like Flashdance

It's been an interesting week.

First I was thrust into a rage of anxiety by my neighbor. I sent their child home as they said they were sick and didn't feel well. They didn't look well either. So I did what any mother would and felt their forehead, which seemed warm. Being a responsible adult, I sent them home.

And the parent in charge booted them right back to my house.

WTF?  Really? What part of that scenario screamed 'send them back'?  When your child is sent home it's not because we want to play boomerang.

As it turned out the parent in charge had the flu. The hug-the-toilet-like-it's-your-bff flu. So cearly, their child couldn't be sick.

For days, I ranted to the hubby about these dipshits. Both because I don't want to get sick and because they are not worthy of being parents half the time. They have beautiful children, but their parenting dims their future and there's nothing I can do to stop it. CPS is already involved and it's not getting any better.

At least I feed the one that comes over to play...they are a darling child. Too bad their parents are going to royally mess them up. I do what I can but the psychosocial paradigm that will doom them to poverty and a future as a dipshit parent themselves is already in place. The launch sequence has started, there's no stopping it now.

I was, however, able to stop being so mad about the complete lack of germ containment a few days later when it became clear the kiddo's entire school has the flu.

So I'm doomed either way. It's not all my neighbor's fault.

Then my body had an adrenal flashback. Dreams of lower back pain that woke me up because of the real back pain and left me exhausted by dawn. Stomach pain. Stomach flu type GI upset (although nothing ever really happened, I was just threatened with it for hours).

I couldn't figure out what the deal was but then I connected the dots...I'm probably fighting whatever bug is going around. Or  not. But many a time the adrenals flare before I'm objectively sick with a bug. I'm crossing everything this is the worst of it and I hope we don't linger for a month before we succumb like we did with that stomach flu a while back. If the puke is going to rain down, let's just get it over with.

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  1. I hope you aren't getting sick! I know it's unlikely but I can (and will) hope. How horrible that the parents do this. I know what you mean about the launch sequence. We had a similar mother and kids at an apartment complex where I lived. I am NOT what anyone would consider a kid-person. But I ended up doing things like hosting cookie decorating parties and pumpkin carving because I just couldn't stand to see how little good, fun, adult supervised time these kids had. Mom was a total train wreck. "Get back in the house and get me my smokes!" (a few moments later) "if you locked that door, I'll break you ass!" And "What do you mean 'we're out of milk'? I just BOUGHT milk last week!" Screaming from two doors down that I could hear like it was in my living room. The milk one was particularly troubling since although it didn't come with a threat of violence on mom's part, I remember thinking "good lord lady, that's what happens with kids. They drink milk. You buy it every week and you still run out. That's life." One of the kids ended up in the hospital after she was found in a drooling stupor by her non-custodial dad when he came to pick her up one the ER they found her blood sugar was a mess, "what did you have to eat today honey?" "toast and pink lemonade". Great. Mom can afford to buy smokes and booze but not real food for her kids. So add malnutrition to the list of ways this mother was messing up her kids. The other kid of that set was often heard to scream "I HATE you" always made my blood run cold because I knew that she had picked this up from her mother. Great interpersonal skills, speaks well of future coping skills. Nice job mom. DCF was involved, and useless. It was so sad to live there and be a front row witness to all of it.


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