Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quick Update:Comments Off

I believe I've turned off comments...assuming I hit all the right buttons on blogger. If not, I'll keep playing with the settings until I do or take the blog private for the next few weeks.

(Edited to Add: Comments are off. You won't be able to post anything, it will be blocked.)

Someone had a bad day as a medical professional and is hate reading the blog, leaving angry comments as they go. Since I'm about to go out of town, I'm shutting it all off so I don't have to deal with some asshat's temper tantrum.

Secondly, the neighbor kid appears to have given mine strep. She's got the fever and the rosy cheeks with glassy eyes just like her little friend. Of course this all hits the day before we fly out. Naturally! I'm getting her into the doctor for antibiotics asap and am crossing fingers the bug doesn't hop to me for a joy ride.

I wasn't going to bring the nebulizer with me, but I guess I'll be packing it now.

I'm trying not to hate the neighbor kid's parents right now because any kid could've passed on the bug, but they are just so...negligent, so not caring if they're kid is sick. This is what? The third time they've sent their obviously ill child over to my house now? WTF? I really want to say something because I am not without risk here, but I'm so ticked I don't think I can be nice.

So I'll bitch about it here instead. Yes, it's impossible to stop all the germs, but we shouldn't have to welcome them with open arms either.

Wish us luck with our vacation for four, the three of us and strep. Whee! At least sick 5-year-olds bounce...I doubt my kiddo will notice she's sick once the fever breaks.

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