Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's past midnight and I can't sleep because we've traveled backwards in time. My body thinks it's 10pm. The kiddo is still up even. I can hear her playing in her room.

FYI if you're going to hop, skip and jump time zones, don't do it the same time as 'spring forward' daylight savings time. That just makes it worse.

So we are back home for a few days and will be leaving again shortly. Then a house guest followed by another. Never a dull moment!

The trip went well, but there were some surprises. Getting out of town was so stressful I almost didn't want to leave. The kiddo did indeed have strep and that had us running around like crazy headless chickens to get her to the doctor, fill her prescription, talk to TSA about how to transport it and pack. The dogs were looking pretty frail and we wondered if they would survive. Then the furnace died the night before we were supposed to leave.

Luckily my husband is very handy and has lots of industrial contacts. Between his skills and a few furnace people on speed dial, he was able to sort it out. But it was touch and go there for several hours...late at night. That's just when you want to be fixing your furnace right? In the dead of winter with all the stores closed? It's so awesome, you should put it on your bucket list.

Changing time zones and climates hit me like a ton of bricks. My lungs were riled up for almost a week--a huge weather swing from 80F to 30F didn't help--and...I had some adrenal symptoms. To the point of considering a stress dose, mostly because I couldn't wake up a few times. (And I don't mean, lazy ass lolling on a bed, I mean I want to wake up, I am trying to wake up but I can't, the fatigue is that thick.)

I haven't had much adrenal anything for a while. I think the flu was the last time I had any symptoms. It was disappointing and unexpected. Although I guess I'm not quite a year out from my last high dose of steroids so maybe two months actually matter when it comes to these things. Thankfully, after the first week my body mostly got over itself.

Overall, we had a fabulous time. Even better, our elderly dogs are still alive and looking pretty good at the moment. Huzzah!

Now to somehow navigate the coming adventures along with some writing deadlines that I cannot miss. That should be interesting. Oh and I have to get the kiddo in for a vaccine shot before the neighbor kid infects her with some new unholy terror of a germ.

Until my body says otherwise, I'm chalking up the adrenal stuff to the stress of travel and possibly maybe a bug as I had a sore throat for several days but never really became all that sick. I am assuming it won't hit me now that I'm on home turf. I don't know.

And comments are still off because I forgot what I did to turn them off. I'll get to it when we're finally home for more than twenty four hours. Gosh, while we had a great time, I'm kind of looking forward to having nowhere to go for a while!

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