Thursday, April 25, 2013

About that River...

Denial is a powerful thing. It allowed me to ignore:

-loss of appetite to the point of missing multiple meals a day
-increased scent and taste sensitivity
-muscle aches and spasms
-loopiness at a level equivalent to being drunk
-cold sores
-some vague flank pain

These are all clear signs of adrenal whatsit and I ignored them all! Hell, I even went running. What special breed of idiot does that? Me! That's who.

Tapering inhaled steroids, which is what I did last week, can be a problem and it can also be just fine. Since summer is good for my lungs and my most stable time of year, I figured I would try to cut down on the steroids in my system. Basically, I got cocky and convinced myself that abruptly cutting the inhaler dose in half would go well.

Obviously it did not.

So here I am feeling not so hot and impatiently waiting for normal to resume. I'm trying an alternate day taper now to hopefully ease the strain of the adjustment. So far, it's not doing much. Next week, I start progesterone again and I'm crossing fingers that provides some support.


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