Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shhh! I should be working.

Don't tell anyone.

I'm slacking off.

I really need to go to the bank, but it's the beginning of the month and I don't feel like being neck deep in octogenarians. Seriously, the lines are ridiculous when it comes round to social security check time. I'm always surprised that thieves don't follow some of these folks home and rob them blind. I would think it would be easy pickings. Everyone seems to roll out of the bank (I say roll because they all have walkers) with a serious wad of cash in their pockets.

But I'm not a thief so WTF do I know?

I should be writing, but that's not flowing either. (The bank thief thing above doesn't count.)

I did make a book cover.

Something kind of cool happened the other day. I got a phone call from a stranger. They tracked me down from a fundraiser we participated in for our church wanting my pumpkin cake recipe. The one I make with almond flour and ground flax seeds. Apparently they loved it and so did their friends.

I was, of course, pleased to hear that someone loved the cake so much they hounded people for my phone number. For the last two months. That's some serious pumpkin cake love.

I promised to mail them the recipe, however, I warned them they probably won't get much out of it since they don't already bake with almond flour.

What a nice compliment though. Made my day. I worked very hard on perfecting that recipe, it's good to see that effort paying off.

I'm feeling somewhat more okay. I finally have adjusted to the home turf time zone. That took forever.  And I'm back on progesterone so things should continue to improve, right?

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