Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Energy in the Hole

I'm sloooowly recovering from the whole food poisoning thing. Pancreas seems to be doing well, too. I actually ate some ham and bean soup yesterday and had no pain afterward. So I ate it again today and just a little twinge.

(The big drawback for me re: food has been cooking for the family while I'm starving and unable to eat anything I'm serving. Every so often, I lose my mind and try things. The soup was an experiment that turned out well.)

The only thing, I'm sooooo tired. I don't understand why. Is coming back from pancreatitis a big deal?

I've been getting a lot of sleep, going to bed early even. Energy during the day is okay, but I poop out around 2-3pm and just don't seem to come back online again.

Maybe it's all the extra sugar in my diet these days. Even a 'healthy' yogurt has 20 grams of the stuff, and, if that's all you can eat, it adds up. PCOS is not good with sugar.

I don't know.

I just want to be back to normal and I'd like normal to stop being a quick rest stop between episodes of medical mayhem.

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