Thursday, September 12, 2013

What to Eat with Pancreatitis

Here ya go, internets, the answer to the most often asked question about surviving pancreatitis:

What the fuck can you eat?

Nothing but fat free Greek yogurt.

Which gets old real fast.

It's all up and down over here. One day I think I'm over it, the next day I'm so bad, I wonder if I need to go to the ER again. I would say it is horrible and awful, which it is, but it's still not as bad as adrenal stupidity. Although, it does hurt more and is just as frustrating.

My GI tract isn't working correctly. I have a very distended stomach at times to the point where I'm short of breath and my abdominal muscles spasm from the pressure. I often look like I'm very pregnant. It's worse if I try to eat anything interesting. Things just aren't moving. At all.

I've been googling the ERCP procedure with poor results. Most of the patients online talking about it are from 2010 or earlier and they all have had a horrific experience. The one person I found who had a good result only had 8 weeks of relief.

Did the complaining stop in 2010 because the procedure improved? Are there fewer complications now? And I keep seeing people talk about having had, like, 5 ERCPs. Am I going to have to do this over and over?

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