Friday, October 4, 2013

Freaky Friday

I still have pain but I'm no longer counting down to the next dose of Tylenol. Which is progress.

I have the steroid munchies from the stress dose, but I can't eat anything. That's been interesting.

The asthma, which I haven't mentioned until now, is finally calming down. It flared quite a bit after the ERCP. Because I was so damn loopy from anesthesia and preoccupied with pain and nausea, I did jack to take care of it. I took my regular inhaler and that was it. I wasn't able to get it together enough to do more than that, which is kind of disturbing.

I sent my nastygram to the ombudsman. I don't expect anything will happen, but I'm meeting my goal of being more vocal about medical asshattery.

And I've decided I really need to switch medical systems. Twice now, I've had GI procedures at this place and been sent home with untreated pain.

The first time was the adrenal crisis. I remember the nurse saying, "I've never seen anyone in so much pain after an ultrasound."

And they sent me home anyway.

They run a lousy unit and they probably don't even know it because they aren't tracking anything unless the patient goes directly to the hospital from the procedure. No, they dump patients out the door and have no idea if their care caused any problems or not.

I'll never see that doctor again (it wasn't my doc who did the procedure) and unless they get curious enough to look at my file, will they ever know I had problems? I don't think so. So they continue on thinking they're fine, that what they're doing is fine and it's not.

If I can't trust them to listen to me or to properly take a phone call, then how can I let them touch me again?

I can't.

However, saying I need to switch and actually doing it are two different things. Plus, watch my insurance change to one system and one system only now that I've said I'm switching.

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  1. Wow, your GI staff sounds like my GI staff. I.e. crap. I'm so sorry they left you hanging like that. I hope the pain continued to improve over the weekend.


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