Friday, November 8, 2013

Opposite of Win

Here's the last three plus months of my life in a nutshell:

August: Spent a week with bad asthma, a week with a cold and asthma and started with something pancreatitis-y.

September: Something pancreatitis-y.

October: Something pancreatitis-y which finally started to get better. So naturally, we all got the stomach flu (fever, vomiting, the need to buy a new mattress, the whole nine yards). Then I ended up with an eye infection.

Yes, of course that would happen to me! What was I thinking? That I would be allowed to live my life unmolested by the best medicine has to offer? Clearly, I am insane with a head full of irrational thoughts.

So while I finished the antibiotics, both drop and oral, for my eye,  it looks like I still have an eye infection.The doctor said my only option would be the ER if the infection didn't clear up.


November will be month four in the never ending health circus show.


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