Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So I read this article the other day about how medical personnel violated their code of ethics to torture prisoners.

It made me laugh.

Not because I like torture, but because the US Government thought they had to do something special in order to torture detainees.

Honestly, just set 'em loose in the US with a chronic medical condition. They'll be tortured plenty.

Or you could do this to them. Those doctors, nurses, hell, even the hospital janitor should all face prison time along with the cops involved.

While the guy who was repeatedly assaulted by medical personnel under the direction of law enforcement appears to be white, the racism of the south is what makes the atrocity possible. The sad reality in the US is that any brown skinned folks are automatically treated like international terrorists in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. I just had a relative recently detained for three hours in Texas.

And let me tell you we are WHITE people. In fact, I actually glow in the dark. However, my relative had a tan and looked a little Mexican-y.

So the police detained them for three hours and threatened them repeatedly. Racism disguised as policy, which then goes on to affect everyone equally.

Anyway, save our tax dollars. Just make terrorists travel the southern states and tell them they have adrenal insufficiency. Between the two that will be torture enough.

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