Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today's Diagnosis

Wow! It's been more than a month since I posted! A toast to good health and being too busy to whine about anything!

I saw the GI doc for the post ERCP followup, which, if you recall was in October and why yes, I did have to wait two months before speaking to anyone with any intelligence at all.

(My new hobby is sharing stories of our medical system with people from countries that have national health care--true national health care, not 'give us all your money for insurance that will still bankrupt you' health care. My favorite story at the moment is about my poor friend who had to go to urgent care twice and the ER before finally being 'allowed' to see a dermatologist...for a wart that took 1 minute to diagnose and treat.The medically lucky foreigners are always appalled at these stories and when I ask 'is that how it works where you live?' the answer is always no. The conclusion I draw from this is that I should probably move to another country.)

Anyway, GI doc says yes I had pancreatitis. The doc who did the procedure was an ass (my term not the GI doc's). Also, they were unprofessional and I hope I gave the GI doc enough info for some comeuppance at some point in the future.

They asked me twice "Did they really say that to you?" And I was like "YES!"

In the future the GI doc says I should get my gallbladder out to head off further Sphincter of Oddi issues. They suggested I do that at the same time I repair the hernia.

Which  hahahaha that will be a cold day in hell. Not too interested in subjecting myself to abuse from the medical industrial complex.

On the eating-everything-in-sight front...

I refused to let them weigh me at the GI appointment. There are just some things I don't want to face right now. My clothes still fit but I'm also fatter than before.

My appetite is becoming more normal and I do exercise. I hope it will even out.

On the asthma front...

Holding steady.

As for work...

Hoping lots of cool stuff will pan out. I have a good feeling about my next novel and some of the marketing initiatives I've set in motion. I'm sloooooowly building a social media platform that, in theory, will someday provide an income. Someday. Probably in the far distant future.