Friday, April 25, 2014

Messages from the Universe

Saw the surgeon. Got the 'surgery might help, might not' speech that echoes what my GI has been saying. Followed by an 'it's probably your gallbladder though' addendum. Meanwhile, my gallbladder has managed to produce some fairly significant pain. OMG. 

I'm still not thrilled with the idea of surgery, though. 

The universe must agree with my reluctance because...

First phone call to surgeon's office to schedule surgery. "Dexter is out all week and they do the scheduling. Frenchie is covering her but is out until tomorrow."

Okay. So I call back the next day.

Second call. After 20 minutes on hold while they dither about the whole thing, I get: "The doctor's secretary is out all week and I can't schedule you. Dexter needs to do it. Call back next week."

So it's going to take at least three phone calls to schedule surgery. This makes me laugh and laugh. What else can I do?

Eventually I will send a note to the hospital alerting them to the fact that their entire surgical calendar shuts down when Dexter is out of the office.

How do these people not notice they have an administrative problem? Are they blind? Stupid? High on drugs? What?

Writing update:

Working on buying a Mac which I will promptly give to my assistant so they can upload my books to iTunes. I've been putting this off forever, which leaves money on the table. Trying to fix that since my asst has a good working knowledge of Macs.

Hit the USA Today list again. Woot!

Writing is going so dang slow though. Ugh. I was on a roll last week, but didn't have time for it, so I lost the moment where the words just pour out of me. Hate when I miss those moments.

Mean Mommy Update:

I've been summarily unfriended and frozen out by the latest mental mommy. Which is fine by me! However, I'm still receiving walls of accusatory text on my phone from her. It's a long story, but basically I'm supposed to just know what she means with my non-existent psychic powers and she bears no responsibility for being specific in her communication. When she doesn't get what she wants from me because she never articulated anything actionable, I'm the bad guy.

I would totally ignore this chick, but we both have teenagers who are trying to have a friendship in the midst of all the mommy drama. My teenager keeps trying to make it work, bless their heart.

As soon as my teenager goes home* (they are a temporary family member) I'M DONE. I can't wait.

I'm a little confused though on how mental mommy thought the logistics between our kids were going to work when she's cut me off. The whole reason I didn't go on an unfriending spree was to leave the door open for the kids and make it less awkward/easier to coordinate get togethers.

But, you know, I'm the bad guy so WTF do I know? Ha. Bitches be crazy.

*Ironically my teenager is going home early because they can't get healthcare here. They've had some health issues crop up and the travel insurance is crap. Plus, we have a terrible time getting appointments anywhere. They're going home to their socialist health care system because they can't make health care work here. They've been rather horrified by it all. Hah. I've been paying for care for them out-of-pocket which is getting way expensive.

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