Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Pansies Are Out to Get Me

I swear I will never post anything positive again. Apparently, writing I haven't had asthma since August is like going 'neener-neener' to the universe and bitch don't take kindly to that kind of impertinence.

It was a lovely spring day, the kind of weather we dreamed of while frozen under the polar vortex this past winter. The sun was bright and cheerful, so we ventured out to buy some pansies and other landscaping supplies. My lungs had been a bit gunky when I woke up, but that's not unusual for a season change.  It wasn't bad and I was able to ignore it.

However, my husband opted for peat moss in favor of mulch this year. In case you didn't know, peat moss is very fine, like sand, but lighter and easier for the wind to pick up. As we planted our flowers, the wind blew the peat moss into the air, and I can only assume, my lungs as well. I can derive no other explanation for the shit fit my lungs threw.

So I went from mild asthma to 'do I need to go to the ER?' asthma in a matter of hours.

Wow does that ever sap your energy! (Sorry, but I will always find that amazing.)  I'm still tired today!

Initially, I tried to take a nap, thinking I was just tired (yep, I can be that unaware of the asthma, it just doesn't register), but I couldn't breathe well enough to sleep. Once I realized what was really going on, I got up and slowly shuffled off to dig out the albuterol inhaler. I couldn't talk without gasping let alone move with any speed. Asthma can put you in slow motion mode pretty quick. (Sorry, still amazed.)

Liberal use of albuterol finally stabilized things about six hours later.

But boy, did it ruin the whole day.

And the asthma has been a bit of beast since. I'm on Claritin for the first time in like a decade. Possibly longer. Doing everything I can to avoid adding more steroids to the mix. So far, I'm mostly okay on Claritin, albuterol and Symbicort.  

Due to the extra cold winter, this is supposed to be the worst allergy season in ten years. It appears I'm not immune to that. Or maybe peat moss can trigger an asthma bender. Either way.

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