Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm Not Crazy, but Medicine Makes Me Look Like I Am


I was given a bogus surgery date by an incompetent secretary.

Which was discovered at the presurgical appointment.

So despite multiple calls, at no time have I actually ever achieved the objective of scheduling my surgery. 100% failure rate on their end.


Naturally, my family has already spent money on plane tickets to come help out based on the bogus date. We made all our plans around this date. We've spent money. We don't get refunds.

Now I'm facing recovering with very little help and missing some important family events.

They're "sorry." 

I don't want sorry, I want KARMA.

If I have a psychotic break, it'll be because of this bullshit.

I am doing my best to make it so the secretary pays for this.

Again, are crazy psycho patients born that way or are they made that way by our 'world class medical care?'

I know my crazy isn't nature, it's nurture.

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