Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All the Wrong Things on Repeat



Sorry. I'm to that point where all I can do is laugh.

I came down with diverticulitis.


Just 4-5 weeks since I recovered from the last bout.


I'm not completely sure why it happened again. I was taking a multi-vitamin (that has iron) off and on and when I didn't take that, I popped a Slo-Fe every few days.

I thought that would space out the GI side effects so that I would be okay.

Apparently not!

The one lucky thing was I had a GI appointment the day I really started to get sick. I knew I was having some kind of issue, but didn't really feel all that sick until I had to walk to get to the GI's office. Suddenly I felt weak and just 'off'.

Whadda ya know? I had a fever and didn't even know it! And, oh yeah, I was bloated like a blimp but had failed to recognize it, telling myself I was just getting fatter and really needed to step up the exercise/diet.

The way it started was different this time (ostensibly because I hadn't eaten any food that would make it worse). I had pain on the left side of my lower abdomen and in the pubic bone area (right where the colon is). It hurt to pee. A lot. I started holding it as long as I could. And then I had some weird lower back/tailbone pain.

The onset wasn't as debilitating as the first infection and at least I knew what was going on. Kind of.

I was able to get antibiotics and avoid further escalation of the infection as well as the ER. Downside? Augmentin for ten days is a lower level of hell.

Aaaaaand exercise has been derailed. Again. Not even 2 weeks out from the damn cold.


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