Monday, May 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Hubby brought home my little desk for the family room--it has been in storage pending completion of this phase of our home reorg. So I now have a place to put my printer and laptop as well as drawers to store office-y type stuff. Finally.

I should take a picture. The desk is darling. It's petite, perfect for my tiny house and an antique-- my stepmom gave it to me as a gift. A real bright spot.

I haven't heard back from my doctor. I'm disappointed and not happy to be on my own. She may still call, it has happened before.

If not, I will try to call one more time tomorrow and perhaps make a concurrent urgent appointment with the Primary Doc who probably wants nothing to do with me, but there is increasing discomfort in my stomach and back, which is scaring me.

After that, what do I do? Where do I go? I have some prednisone left over. I guess I could try a few days at 5mg and then go to alternate day until it runs out. I hate to do that though, but I'm beginning to feel desperate.


My father called and shared he hopes my health problems aren't going to shorten my life.

Not real smooth. Nor positive. Or accurate as I don't think I'm that kind of sick. Also, the phone call woke me up from a much needed nap.

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