Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Medical Things I Don't Have Time For

I go to the doctor all the time. All. the. time. So you would think there would be no organ left unturned.

Well, you would be wrong. In reality, chronic illness leads to chronic neglect of things that are important but not pressing. Here, I made a list to prove the point.

1. The dentist. Partly because I don't like my dentist because they keep pressuring me to have my wisdom teeth out. They probably do need to come out, but anesthesia is kind of not something I want to deal with right now. Hold the lectures please and just clean my teeth. If you can't hack it, then I'm not coming in. Sorry.

I should really find a new dentist.

2.Pap smear--although the breast lump meant I got one, otherwise I would've skipped it.

3. GERD. Every three months, my father goes for an endoscopy to be sure he doesn't have esophageal cancer yet. You would think I would make more of an effort, but you know what? I can only go to the doctor so much, both mentally and physically. Between infertility, pregnancy and the current health hell hole, I haven't had an endoscopy in over 6 to 8 years. Which is probably not good.

The one follow-up appointment I had after having a baby, the doctor didn't show--they were out of town and due to some admin snafu, I was never informed about the need to reschedule.

I do take my GERD meds though and low carbing helps the heart burn.

4.Asthma education --I've rescheduled once and am about to push it out further. I don't have the physical stamina for it right now. Driving there, toddler wrangling etc.. is just too much right now. Thankfully, it's not urgent.

5.Weight loss clinic--I've given up on it for now. No time to dither with even more doctors. Especially one who already thinks I'm nuts. Can you imagine what s/he would think of me showing up and saying 'hey, I have adrenal suppression?' I don't have the emotional energy to deal with someone who thinks I need therapy instead of asthma medications.

Also, they weren't helping me very much (not their fault, just the limitations of science when it comes to weight loss). We also had some significant philosophical differences. They believed in calories in = calories out, but I know from experience that it ain't that simple. Further there is some decent science (in my humble opinion) debunking calories in= calories out.

More importantly, they weren't running the lab work to check potassium and magnesium levels which is what I really needed. So, like whatever, dude.

Besides, I can't even follow a 'diet' right now. I'm either not eating because I'm not hungry, or eating sugar because my blood sugar is dropping like a stone. There's no room for strict adherence to anything food-wise right now. Maybe when things stabilize, I'll try again.

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