Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mundane Muck

Nothing much new to report here. Things are fairly calm on the health front.

Mostly I am cleaning.

Yes, I finally feel better and what do I do? Go dancing? Go to the movies? Retail therapy? Visit Disney World? Indulge my bibliophilia?

Nope, none of those (well, except for a little bit of retail therapy).

No, what I do when I'm healthy is mop the family room floor at 11pm and then do the dishes at 11:30.

No one has ever accused me of being a neat freak so all this cleaning is a little unusual. Perhaps this is an unreported side effect of Prednisone use? Hmmmm.

I haven't quite found my balance yet. I'm still doing tons of housework and not very much work work, so I need to work on that. (I did ask for and receive some deadline extensions by the way.) The way I try to look at it is the backlog is immense on all fronts so it's going to take a while to even out.

I'm also more tender than veal, sooooo out of shape. It's frustrating and I am working on it one knee lift at a time. I hate starting over.

I am tired, but it feels like regular ol' tired. The kind of tired people probably feel after a long illness. So I nap sometimes. Other times, I just suck it up. The fact I can even suck it up is amazing. There's nothing I love more than powering through!

Don't worry about things getting dull over here. There are tests and more tests coming up. The nodules, the thyroid, the adrenals are all very much front and center. This is just the lull before the medical mayhem, the eye of the storm so to speak.

I did want to tell the world that, the pill turns me into an absolute bitch. Gah. Look, I didn't have cycles for several years unless I was on fertility drugs. I am not used to being hormonal anymore. Neither is my husband who bears the brunt of my bitchery.

It just sucks. I am used to having just one personality--can't really say even tempered per se since I'm not really a calm zen-y person, but I was always the same level of Def Con 5 prior to the pill. Now, with the pill, the Def Con level goes nuclear with a side of sonic boom and electric cattle prod. I don't like it. The hubby doesn't like it. On top of that, I'm still bleeding so why am I doing this again?????????

At least the pill I'm on now is better than Yaz. That sh*t made me think ripping people's heads off was an excellent idea. I'm not alone in that experience either, but, for some strange reason, homicidal rage is not listed as one of Yaz's side effects. Huh.

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