Thursday, May 20, 2010

Proof of Intelligence = Public Couch Molestation

Note: This first part has nothing to do with my health, although I do think it relates to high blood pressure prevention.

I wasn't really sold on the black leather couch we bought a few months ago. Black furniture is not my thing. But it was on sale and so so so soft. We literally sat on the showroom model and just ran our hands over it for like, a half hour as our eyes rolled back in our heads from tactile ecstasy.

Yes. My husband and I publicly molested a couch.

Awww. Our first threesome.

So we bought it. It's working out okay, but I feel much better about our choice today after visiting Sh*t My Kids Ruined. If you have kids, that site will quite possibly make you feel better about your furniture too.


Depends on how destructive your kids are. Mine isn't particularly wild and it doesn't matter because Sharpie markers don't come in white.

On the medical front, eh. Just tired out. Although, between naps*, I'm still able to be pretty active--lots of heavy duty cleaning as we have a long term house guest (and relative) coming in this weekend. They have a swanky rocket scientist internship at that agency that sends things into space. *proud*

I'm glad I made the executive decision to go to 2 mg. Tomorrow I'm going to skip the dose and start alternating for a few days. After that I think I'm done.

I would like to start walking the dogs soon, but I'm single parenting this week which is work out enough.

*Thank the Gods the toddler still naps otherwise this whole adrenal kamikaze mission would have really sucked ass.

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