Friday, August 27, 2010

The Current List of Health Things on My Mind

1.The toddler had her first PT session. It was a huge relief for me. The therapist immediately saw and affirmed the subtle issues I've been seeing.

I have to say, doing the massage therapy thing, really highlights, for me, how little doctors seem to deal with the musculature of the body in their practices. Yet it is SO important to finding resolutions to pain and problems like the one my toddler is having.

I finally feel like we are doing something productive and proactive instead of farting around with go-nowhere office visits. This is a nice feeling.

Unfortunately, I am also seeing some symptoms (not new, but now more prevalent to where I can't blame it on imagination) in the toddler that are worrisome, but I'm trying to contain it until we see whether PT achieves anything or not.

The downside of the PT is now the toddler is in pain from the exercises and 1) That is really hard to deal with as a parent and 2) I haven't quite figured out how to coach her through the pain and 3) It's making everything worse (which I guess is normal as we are placing stress on already weak areas).

The toddler is also going to start a dance class and a preschool sports class (assuming I can get her in, registration is more competitive than Black Friday shopping, I may have to break down and camp out in front of the building). We were going to do this anyway but the therapist also recommended it.

2.I have really pissed off my neck and spine and my whole body just aches and I don't know why. I think it might be the season change? We've had a drastic cold snap this week and tomorrow it will be 90.

Probably wouldn't hurt to go to bed before midnight. Also the three times I had whiplash aren't helping either (bad karate flip where my head landed off mat followed by 2 car rear end type accidents. Oh wait, make that 3, we were rear-ended when I was pregnant.)

Self-care is key and I'm not making the grade. I always told my massage therapy clients that if they didn't take care of themselves, neither would massage. I should take my own advice.

3.The CT scan to check the 'thing' growing in my lung needs to be scheduled and I am trying to be positive. However, I have to say, meeting the criteria for being able to say 'I have a tumor' is not calming. Especially when I have a dear relative who was just diagnosed with a massive lung tumor that is cancerous.

She is not expected to survive.

Hard to keep my mind from drawing parallels, no matter how inaccurate or how little based in personal facts they may be.

I am really hoping the growth is gone, that it was some aberrant thing related to the asthma.

Hoping, hoping, hoping.

4.I believe I also need to get my thyroid scanned and toute suite too--my memory is a little foggy on this. Otherwise I'll have to cancel appointments with the endocrinologist until I can get it done. It kind of fell on the back burner, what with my adrenals not keeping up and trying to crawl back up from the black hole of asthma gone bad.

P.S. The pic is one of my fave vacay pics of the toddler. First, the cherry swimsuit is too cute and apropriate for the cherry producing capital of the world. I love the kinetic energy in her body. I just wish I could've gotten her to look at me.

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