Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Mother's Worries

The toddler did not do so well on vacation. She complained, for the first time, of pain (heartbreaking to hear too). She couldn't walk as needed to get to beaches.

Once she was in the water, she was fine, but the walk to the beach? Made me want to shoot myself. Repeatedly. And then cry.

It's tough for us because we are never sure if she's playing us or having genuine difficulty. On top of that, the beach that was perfect for little kids required about 1/4 mile walk in sand to get there, which is, admittedly, pretty strenuous for a toddler.

But what kid takes the time to fake out their parents when there's a beach in front of them?

None of the ones we saw. They were too busy making a mad dash for the waves.

But not the toddler. She was very busy crying and refusing to walk.

So we had to carry her.


I noticed other things too. New problems, probably due to fatigue from all the activity.

Sometimes I think, I'm crazy, that I'm making mountains out of molehills. And then she does stuff like this, which makes me worry even more.

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  1. Aww... poor little sweetie! You're not alone in your thinking. And not crazy. I worry so much. Obviously, i have no idea if this is the case with your daughter but I want to share some things about my son that I hope are helpful to you. He is...sensitive for lack of a better word. He is very skeptical of new situations and I believe that on a beach, he may be more impacted by the hot sand than his peers

    I could list so many things that he does/feels that are different than other kids
    Most recently, being so nervous around water that the comments made by my in-laws influenced my decision to schedule us for family therapy to check what we need to do to reduce his worries.

    This has been a positive experience and thankfully, none of us are crazy!!

    So, take it easy on yourself. You're doing an awesome job and toddler is delightfully spirited!

    I hope i didn't give you too many of my cents there. I just care a lot!!


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