Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toddler Sentenced to 6 Months

Quickly, just so I don't have to write 2 posts. I'm feeling okay with prednisone. Better, but still kind of dragging. Not sure what is up.

The toddler saw the specialist again and I think I want to fire them.

Visit 1: "No, it clearly can't be X diagnosis. She would have ABC symptoms and they aren't there."

Visit 2: "Diagnosis is X."

I was taken aback enough that I didn't call them on it, I was just kind of in shock. Trying to reconcile it all and thinking WTF?

So poor toddler is one of 'those' patients. Gray. Doesn't fit in any box. Has weird symptoms. In short, she's a mini me. Great.

I did call the specialist on an omission in their report from Visit 1. The resident who did the main exam was clearly biased and quite happy to be a member of the 'you are an over-functioning mom' camp. He actually even kind of made a dig about me to my face, so not a fan sadly. As a result, his report only included the normal things the toddler did and left out the abnormal stuff--the very stuff that triggered the visit in the first place!

This peeved me off. Fine, you don't see a problem. I don't have an issue with that. I am thrilled to the moon and back that y'all can't find a 'real' problem, but your report should include all the data points, not just the ones you like. That is not science. It's a disservice to my daughter and isn't in her best interests.

Further, I am not the momma bear you want to poke.

I explained this to the ped who encouraged me to confront them on it. Which I did , politely, and it was kind of anti-climatic as, I think, unlike the residents, the specialist knows to just nod and smile at the crayzee parental units.

Anyway, the toddler is going for physical therapy. We still don't really know what is going on (I'm not buying diagnosis X right now given how it went down and given how the toddler lacks some of the primary symptoms) but I am really hoping PT is our magic bullet. If not, we move on to MRIs and more invasive testing.

At that juncture I may fire the specialist based on the X bullshit. Perhaps I am the only person on earth like this, but I am okay with a doctor who says 'I don't know.' I am not okay with doctors who make shit up just to have something to say.

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