Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Is This Doctor's Problem? I Would Like to Know!

The notes from the toddler's last appointment with the specialist came in and all I can think is WTF? Is this guy on the same planet even?

In our second visit I addressed things the specialist left out of his report from the first visit--Mainly all the atypical stuff the toddler did right in front of him and the resident. You know, the entire reason we were referred to a specialist in the first place.

And this is a world class medical system. Famous even. So bizarre.

So the notes from the second visit arrived today and they don't match anything we actually agreed on or discussed during the appointment!

As in he told me a diagnosis (which I think is BS) and then didn't put it in his report. What is up with that?

The physical therapy (PT) we agreed upon, he wrote we would do only if the falling continued. Which is not what we discussed and decided at all,we agreed to do PT now.

In talking to the PT office today (her first session is tomorrow), the notes are actually confusing them because it says one thing and we are doing another.

I am irked and feeling that this is probably a sign we should find a new specialist if we continue to need one (I am hoping the PT is the magic bullet).

Is this just par for the course? I am completely new to all this.

My concern is, if the toddler has an ongoing, more serious pathology at play here that these notes are going to become an obstacle to appropriate medical care, you know? They aren't accurate at all.

Which is not cool. So WTF?

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