Monday, November 29, 2010

This Is Not a Food Blog But....

I am sooooooo zonked right now on 5mg. I went to the grocery store yesterday and wanted to lay the aisle. This will pass. For some reason dropping to 5mg always hurts. Hopefully yesterday was the last yucky day.

I don't really care how tired I am because I am just happy, happy joy, joy to have been up for anything other than my previous vegetative state. are the fruits of my labor from the holiday weekend.

First up, roasted cranberries with orange zest and a little Splenda. Great with turkey.

But also good in a winter fruit salad. Lots of fruits are low carb such as any kind of berry or grapefruit and some have a few more carbs, but not too many like apples and pears. Then there are fruits like oranges which you want to avoid or use sparingly. All these fruits made their way into the salad, which was small portions.

Homemade green bean casserole which has been 'low carbified'. Also added chicken to make it a one-stop meal.

Scrambled eggs and pepper poppers stuffed with cream cheese for breakfast. A great way to avoid over eating on a holiday is to have a hale and hearty breakfast.

Yes you can eat that many calories and that much fat and still lose weight. That is what is great about low carb. Also, if you are recoiling in horror at the fat, I just want to point out there is a whole other world of science out there that thinks fat is not the devil. Low fat is mainstream nutritional advice, but not the only school of thought.

Pumpkin cranberry muffins made with almond flour and ground flax. Low carb and convenient for breakfast on the run during the week.

Lemon crackle top cookies. Full 'o sugar. Taste like summer; bright and cheerful with a crisp sugar crust. I take them to the family get togethers and leave the uneaten ones behind.

Molasses crackle top cookies. Another sugar bomb. These are what you eat if you want Christmas to actually run in your veins. They smell and taste like Happy Holidays.

These were not as photogenic as previous batches, but no one cared. People filched these by the handful and and hoarded them for later. Weird, yes, but people in my family really really really like these cookies. Some so much that all I have to do for their Christmas gift is box up a dozen.

Not pictured:

Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
Italian sausage, onion, mushroom and green pepper spaghetti sauce over low carb noodles

You could say I like to cook :)




  1. Oooh those cookies look REALLY good! (love to cook too)


  2. MMmmmm! I made molasses "crinkles" this weekend too! The ultimate christmas cookie.

  3. You are marvelous. I am a horrible cook, but I managed not to burn any Thanksgiving food. YAY for me. Everthing looks delicious and so pretty.


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