Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ambitious Urges

6 dozen cookies in the freezer and I'm not even close to done. Care packages, cookies for us, cookies for the paternal side, the siblings, cookies for the extended extended family etc...

I do enjoy it.

I try to keep it down to about 4 kinds of cookies.

Not trying to kill myself here.

I actually know someone who did 10 different cookies for dozens of people. Huge cookie trays. Once they had kids, that stopped.

Anyway, the toddler was helping me and accidentally dropped the entire salt shaker into the mixer.

Which promptly killed the mixer.


Because of my wrist, I really rely on the KitchenAid. Otherwise, baking is kind of painful.

My hand mixer, of course, has only one beater. I never did figure what happened to the other one.

Like socks in a dryer, these are the days of our lives.

How is it there are always people missing socks and random beaters but never people who have too many?

Has anyone done that math?

Hubby has found a replacement part and hopefully we can get by with a cheap repair as I already sent my list to Santa my parents.

So I spent the better part of the day trying to be gracious about the mixer. It was an accident but that mixer was my 'walker', my hot rod, my mechanical muse, literally my kitchen aid. As in I stopped baking cookies until we bought one. As nice as I tried to be about it, the toddler knows that when mommy is really really quiet that means she's done something really really wrong.

Let's add a little momma guilt to the mix, shall we? Just for fun.

Despite the drama, I felt up for a workout which was pretty amazing since I spent about 4 hours on my feet making dough and forming cookies. So I ran around for 20 minutes doing a few squats and push-ups.

That tired me out pretty good.

Maybe it was a little too much.

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