Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liosinopril Loose Ends

Pursuant to this post and this post regarding my blood pressure, let's make some knots out some loose ends, shall we?

1. Liosinopril dose. I am not necessarily 'cowgirling' the dose. I have been instructed to halve or discontinue the dose if I have hypotension. So me dithering about 5mg vs. 10mg is something I am 'allowed' to do.

Once I get the official tilt table results, which I assume will be 'normal', then I'll go back to the PCP and point out:

1.Blood pressure medication doesn't work
2. I swing high and low along with feeling like I'm going to pass out-- it is just a matter of time before I really do pass out, I'm right on the edge when it hits.

Maybe I need a different medication?

A body transplant?


Everything I'm reading suggests that pheo be ruled out as there is an obscure chance of it being pheo. It comes up again and again in the differential diagnosis. It's like it's stalking me.

I don't think my blood pressure is going high enough for pheo, I get that. The cycling though can be pheo, it doesn't have to be consistently high.

Again, I don't think I have a pheochromocytoma but I do think it should be ruled out. Does that make sense?

Also, I AM growing small little tumors in multiple places. It is not outside the realm of possibility that I've managed to grow one in a spot where it can wreak havoc.

And I keep going higher despite blood pressure medication. Perhaps it is as simple as trying a different medication. I don't know.

I am just suspicious of my body, it's guilty until proven innocent.

3.Regarding how multiple blood pressure readings skew results. I am scratching my head. They do whatever the hell they want to at the hospital and it's okay, but when I check BP at home, I have to be sitting, I can't have eaten, my bladder has to be empty. God forbid I cross my legs.

But at the doctor's office? I can be talking, laughing, standing, sitting and have my BP taken so often and so tightly here I am a week later with broken blood vessels under my skin and that? Is okay???

Makes no sense to me.


  1. Oh wow, I just had a very similar irritating experience with BP measurement at the hospital. Twice, the aide came in to check my BP and both times, she was unhappy that it was so low (80/46, 80something over 40something). So what did she do? She just rechecked it. Like 30 seconds later. And kept rechecking it with no relaxation time in between until it was high enough for her satisfaction. And those were the numbers she recorded on the flow sheet. I'm planning on letting the nursing department know what I think of this, especially since they are touting their new "fall risk management" incentive. Pissed me off big time.

  2. Small tumors in multiple places??? Just what ARE these small tumors? And what is being done about them?

    Normally one doesn't just get to keep multiple tumors as pets.


  3. You've probably already encountered stuff on this in your own research - wish the doctors would be doing this research for you :(.

  4. I would do what you can to rule out the pheo! My mom had one in early 95 and it took forever to figure it out and treat it. It is very common to confuse it with "mental health issues" and often missed. She had surgery (8+ hours) and after a long recovery did well. Very scary!


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