Monday, January 10, 2011


1. I bought some shoes. They are open toe. I have ugly feet. This should be interesting. I guess this will be my New Year resolution, to get my feet in decent shape. Thanks to the PCOS, I have terrible skin and paper thin nails that peel if I even look at them funny.

Here are the shoes. They are cute. Also on sale and I had a gift card from Christmas.
Then I found a pair of Ugg boots. Finally. Same deal, on sale and Christmas gift card. I have been looking for something affordable and comfortable for months. This was a major score for me.

Mostly, what I'm saying with all this shoe talk is I got out of the house and went shopping and felt GREAT and had a GREAT time even though my blood pressure was a bajillon over a million, but whatever I was SHOPPING without feeling like I was going to pass out! Wheeeeeee! We even went out to lunch which I haven't done since forever.

I also got a swim suit for the toddler as Grandma bought her some swimming lessons for Xmas. I was very buzzed with the joy of shopping and just being normal for once.

Here's the swim suit (like you care, I know, but the amount of writing I'm doing on this little shopping trip is in direct proportion to how happy I was about it, humor me). The toddler loves it and has been doing ballet performances in it since I brought it home.

2.A relative sat next to a head honcho from a major diet company (think W and W) on the flight home and, due to their visit with me, they knew to ask about low carb. And the head honcho said everything was going low carb.

Yeah, but like I told my relative they aren't ever going to call it low carb because low carb has such bad press. They'll develop their marketing from the low sugar angle. When people don't lose weight because they still eat too many carbs--because it's not just about sugar--the major diet companies can still blame the victim and pimp the next latest and greatest ponzi diet scheme. Very nice marketing cycle they've developed for themselves!

Also, the more mainstream low carb science endorses a low fat paradigm which is not what the good low carb science supports. So it's only partial progress.

But still progress. Another 100 years of murky science and Big Ag food politics and we may all finally agree.

3.Said relative kept marveling at the food I made over the holiday.

"This is low carb?"

What did they think I ate? Baby poop? Dog hair? Insects?

People are funny.

Upon further questioning, I was told "your cooking has improved immensely."

That's good. I think.


  1. LOL on the open toe shoes. I hate my feet and refuse to wear such contraptions! Which really limits what one can buy since open toe is the trend now. More of a problem in the warmer months though. Those boots look adorable and comfy! And the bathing suit is too cute. Glad you were feeling well enough to indulge in some shopping fun.

  2. I haven't taken the boots off yet today, I'm so stoked.

    The wedges are from one of those orthotic shoe stores that sell super comfy shoes so they are very comfortable too.



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