Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Insulin Poisoning or Why You Really Don't Want Diabetes

No weight loss.

After three weeks of serious focus and effort.

(Barring the ice cream, but even then we split the pint three ways, not a big enough sin to destroy weight loss.)

Excuse me while I take a moment to swear, kick puppies and smash expensive crystal into a fireplace.

I've toned the hell out of what I can tone, but that is worthless. When I taper at the end of the month, exercise will be difficult if not impossible and I'll flab out again.

Toning is not weight loss. Sorry, but it ain't. What I needed was weight loss.

I'll keep it up until I taper and what I do next will depend on the taper.

Dr. Atkins used to recommend a fat fast for seriously resistant patients. I am willing to try it, but not sure how that interacts with the adrenal stuff.

This is when I really wish I could tolerate Metformin or that there was a good pharmaceutical alternative to it that could impact the insulin resistance in my favor. I looked into this last year and while there was a doc willing to prescribe things like Byetta, Wellbutrin and Januvia (sp?) to aid weight loss, I was unimpressed with their efficacy and concerned about their side effects.

(Especially coming off an anaphylactic reaction to Cipro which will forever make me think twice before taking new-to-me medication.)

One of the theories the low carb community has been discussing is the idea that being bathed in so much insulin all the time causes permanent metabolic damage. The evidence supporting this layperson theory is diabetics who develop lipohypertrophy.

Insulin makes fat and if you spend all day, every day jabbing straight insulin into specific sites on your body this is what happens ...

Yeah, think about that the next time you eat a carton of ice cream in one sitting after eating a super-sized fast food meal. Diabetes can be treated, but you pay a price. Gonna be hard to find a pair of pants to hide those lumps.

So in essence, by (formerly) eating low fat, high carb food just like mainstream science exhorts us to do, I have been 'injecting' my entire body with boatloads of insulin for years.

Regaining the weight via carb inhalation while pregnant didn't help. (FYI the doctors told me low carbing could hurt the baby and advised me to eat carbs. I was too afraid of doing anything wrong after such a hard won pregnancy to risk screwing it up so I did exactly as I was told.)

On the upside, I got fat all over, no lumps for me,unless I become insulin dependent. But the question is, how does this impact weight loss? Is tissue forever metabolically altered past a certain point?

I don't know, but I can see how the damage could be permanent.


  1. Yes it sucks! I have the rare one, 10% of pop has it, Type 1.5 or LADA. my HMO does not even recognise it. go figure. ADA does not know much about it either...insulin deficient and resistant, oce shot enough to kill an elephant and it had no effect. There has just been identified Type 3 which is actually linked to Altzheimer's.... we shall see. good luck and blessings. Ignorant doctors are rampant. :>{


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