Sunday, March 13, 2011

Respite Bad and Good

It occurred to me the other day that I have been all mommy all the time for..I don't know how long.

Long enough for tics to appear. Especially when the hubby left me to toddler wrangle all day yesterday for some kind of Bible camp thing.

Cue the toddler upping the ante with psychotic, yet surprisingly age appropriate, behavior.

We are playing discipline chicken around these parts.

We blink first, by the way.

My friends tell me this is normal. Actually they don't say normal, they say "Welcome to three. It sucks."

So I ran away for the day today.

Went to the mall and tried to find clothes for the toddler.

Tip: If you and your spouse are tall, your kid is going to be tall. Buy 2 sizes for each season because retailers do not restock seasonal clothes. If your kid, like mine, consistently grows out of clothing right at the end of the season, good luck finding anything in stores they can wear. And you can't count on the sales rack either.

Case in point?

The mall has become bikini land.

Not the sweaters and long sleeved country I'm looking for.

Even the clearance is Spring-y.

7 stores later, I had nothing that would end up fitting. (I did eventually hit pay dirt with Land's End online--of course this is after I bought a bunch of crap that doesn't fit and now have to go back to the mall to return, which...ugh.)

Then I went to the grocery store.

Followed by bed. Because the asthma was acting up and the adrenal glands were pissed.

A little too much mall.

So, yeah, no longer looking to speed up the taper. Today was harder than I expected. Oddly, it is not steroid withdrawal type stuff at all, it's all symptoms of insufficiency (by how I categorize them). Weird. It's different this time. Don't know if that is good or bad yet.

Tomorrow we blow out of town for a quickie get away. When I was in the midst of being wrongfully sued by a large, multi-billion dollar corporation and having difficulty finding a lawyer, I had to come up with something to look forward to once the lawsuit resolved. Something to keep me looking forward, to remind me that this too, shall pass, that today is not forever.

So this getaway was it. The case dismissal in my favor came in the mail last week, so perfect timing. We're going to a concert by a children's musician we like. Tickets were cheap and proceeds go to support pediatric cancer research. Plus we're stopping at the hot dog stand of my childhood and staying at a hotel with a pool (kids live for this).

I'm looking forward to it.

Assuming I can get it together enough to pack.

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  1. I laughed out loud at "bikini land" - in my head, cheesy, uptempo hawaiian music started playing.

    So the get away is with kid? It sounds like you need a "retreat" day too. Just you, not doing too much mall. Doing "sit in coffee shop" and maybe "stroll in library" and perhaps even "have nails done".


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