Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taper Calculations

Best line of the day yesterday was from hubby.

"Can you please do less messy crafts when you are tapering?" Followed by an exasperated sigh.

Sorry hubby. The toddler is learning how to use scissors and the house is buried in slivers of paper. Has nothing to do with the intersection of steroid tapers and crafts. The craft we did, making Happy Spring cards for family, was a clean craft. I swear.

She just started running with scissors. (Made for kids. Dull blades etc...)

It made her happy.

I was tired.

There are worse things than too much homemade confetti.

The hubby, being a bit OCD, spent quite some time picking paper up by hand and shaking his head at the shame of it all.

All I could do was laugh. Because it's funny.

So this taper has been better than all the rest. I did--had to--nap, but no muscle pain so far. This makes me brave and daring.

Today, I'll try 15mg.

Then Wed, back up to 20mg as I have to work and don't want to push this too much.

And then back down to 15mg. If it goes well, I won't do alternate day at all. Maybe I'll only give 15mg a month before it gets the axe.

Anything can happen.

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