Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toddler on Ice

The toddler is flunking physical therapy. I got the progress report from the PT and next to every single goal is FAIL.

She continues to fall down the stairs as well.

I watch her very closely, but she is a very talented klutz. Olympic level. Definite future as a prat fall professional.

There is still no diagnosis which hasn't bothered me too much, but if the lack of progress continues, I will become more concerned.

It was suggested by the PT that we get her into ice skating lessons, which the toddler had her first one last night.

I didn't understand why the PT was so adamant about skating until I saw it with my own eyes. What a revelation to see the toddler on the ice*. The balance demands of skates, the need to get up from (constant) falls, to shift weight from side to side. All things the toddler works on in therapy, all things I can't get her to do at home because PT exercises with mommy are about as much fun as eating raw broccoli.

(Note: Coaxing children in the throes of the 'no' phase to do anything is impossible.)

The only thing missing is stair work.

If skating (and soccer, swimming, dancing and walking) + PT doesn't help, then I don't know what will.

*The not so great revelation? It is very obvious how far behind her peers she is. Not a huge deal now, but elementary school team selection is going to be a heart-breaker at this rate.

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