Saturday, April 30, 2011

Polishing My Stupidity so It's Bright and Shiny

At the moment, I am thinking I took my BP meds twice.

Which means, a double dose of the asthma inhaler and acne antibiotics as well since they are all taken at the same time.

I am not totally sure. Can't remember.

The same way I seem to have forgotten the area code that goes with my cell phone number.

And the way I can't remember what the Japanese call it when you fall on your sword to kill yourself. (Seppuku, I just googled it, after four days of waiting for it to come me. I almost decided it was Hari Kari, which oh, look, is the same thing as Seppuku. Huh. Unfortunately, I no longer recall why I needed that word. I think it was a conversational point.)

And how I took some wrong turns the other day because the brain no workee. One of these days, I'm going to leave for work and end up in Florida or something.

But I think I actually may have taken all my meds twice.

If only I could remember.

The fatigue is bad right now. I hope I can recover. I think it's all sleep deprivation, so if the root cause is addressed I might be fine. I would be in bed right now except for the whole did-I-or-did -I-not double dose question.

The muscle cramps are bad too. Sharp and insistent. Hubby and I managed to sneak in a movie tonight*. We were late and he was urging me to go faster and I couldn't.

Because the arch of my foot had assumed the fetal position.

So I guess now I pound salt? Good thing I like olives!

*Dylan Dog. It was terrible. They should be ashamed to be in the same genre as Buffy.


  1. It's totally old granny but I do a weekly pill sorter cause I can never remember if in my half awake morning stupor I took meds or not. Then at noon when I'm like hmm.... I look to see if that day is gone or not.

  2. I do that a lot too....forget if I took my meds or not. I really have a good system, but good systems only work when you can remember what the system is.

    As I was reading I knew the answer was Hari Kari.

    I don't drive anywhere further than the grocery store, and that is seldom. I get lost, and I always forget to take my cell phone with me and then I can't remember why I went out anyway but then I remember why after I get home and put the car in the garage.

    I hope the foot gets better and your muscle aches calm down.


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