Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff in My Head

1. The ebook can be found on Amazon. It's a short ebook of recipes. A test case. Which I am glad I did because boy is the Kindle publishing platform so first generation technology.

It has the grace of Seinfeld's Elaine on a dance floor.

I have no idea if the right file uploaded, because the ad copy hasn't changed and I did rewrite it, load it and submit. It says it went through successfully, but I'm a little doubtful seeing as how nothing has changed.

So if you buy it and get a bunch of gibberish, it's not me, it's Amazon. I'm sorry.

Also, the deal that Kindle doesn't support color photos? Sucks. They need to fix that.

Because I make salads that look like this:

The so-simple-it's-not-really-a-recipe for this salad can be found over here.

The ebook is below.

2.Both of our cars died at the same time (what are the odds?). One was repaired. The other? Has been to two mechanics. Who have driven it a total of 140 miles and have yet to reproduce the problem (stalling).

Would anyone like to guess where our tax refund has gone this year?

No. Not long term savings*. Or to medical bills.

The cars.

And the dog (which I guess is a medical bill of a sort, but not any of the ones piling up, which are the ones I worry about).

And the cars.

More to the cars.

All of it to the cars.

Whatever the Money Fairy giveth, the Surprise Expense Fairy taketh away.

I should just have the IRS make out the check to our mechanic/s.

*hahahahahhahaha. I can dream, right?

3.The toddler is so invested in her current cantakerous contrarian-ness that she's even pouting, crossing her arms and telling us 'no' in her sleep. The hubby went to check on her and I guess she bolted upright and went into the pouty 'no' routine.

The same night, I woke up after having lengthy dreams about arguing with her all day. 'Stop that' I told myself, 'Really, self? This is what we're going to dream about, after doing it all day? Please.'

4.I'm tired, but not napping. Which is good. So maybe this coming week will be a good one. Other than the fact it's going to rain all week long.

Can't decide which is more annoying; non-stop rain or non-stop snow.

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