Monday, May 2, 2011

Time for a Stick

My blood pressure is yo-yoing again.

Last night I had a low along with low blood sugar and diarrhea out of nowhere.

Right now the bp is super high, to where it hurts.

I've lost ground in terms of what I can do. Taking naps. Never feeling good for very long.

So the goal at this point is to figure out how I can get to the lab for an am cortisol blood draw. This takes some coordination since I don't want to drive without steroids in my system, but we'll figure it out.

I'm also regressing to 10mg of HC instead of 7.5mg.

PS: Got some great ebook news on my professional project. I sent review copies out to industry experts and top-tier industry bloggers. Got an email from a major expert today saying:

1.My book is awesome.
2.90% of the pitches they get suck, but mine was the exception
3.They are going to promote my book because they like it so much.

Which I think means I'll sell a whole 2 more copies or something.


  1. I LOVE the great news about your book and hoping your BP gets better fast. Stay safe
    Oh - And don't forget all of us little people when you go off on your book tour.

    With lots of care,

  2. Good news on the book. I feel like crap today too. Blegh.


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