Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today Went so Well, I Don't Want It to End

I had a lovely Sunday. Yes, it was Mother's Day* too, but mostly it was a lovely Sunday.

Because I finally felt half way decent. The muscle pain, which has been excruciating for the last few days, was gone. I had the energy I needed for the day (although I still napped against my will, laid down on the couch and then bam! o-u-t).

Plus it finally stopped raining. The sun came out and it was the most perfect Spring day so far this year.

And...the toddler slept until 9:30! It would have been a personal best except for the fact that she was up a 4am long enough for dread to brew in the pit of my stomach.

The relief I felt when she finally went back to sleep? Defies words. Please, please, please no more 4am wake-up calls.

We lazed in bed as a family until almost noon, watching my favorite morning news show CBS Sunday This Morning. I don't drink coffee, I watch morning news shows. It's my thing and I've mostly given it up to cartoons being TV free since becoming a parent.

Then we bought a bunch of garden stuff with carefully hoarded gift cards and completely redid our front landscaping. Well, the hubby did all the digging, I watched, coordinated, and did a little planting. The toddler pranced around in her bathing suit (which was the only thing I could convince her to wear) and watered plants like a drunken fairy, which is to say, she missed more plants than she hit.

No eating out since we still had about a billion tons of meat from the freezer the dog unplugged with his mighty butt. I now have 9 containers of roast beef and gravy in the freezer. Nine!!! Does anyone like roast beef that much?

Last, but not least, the hubby and I went for an evening walk together. Which we never get to do, but another babysitting score allowed us to stretch our legs after putting the toddler to bed.

It was just a lovely family day with decent adrenality (that is not a word, just roll with it). I told the hubby if things continue to go this well, I may not need to go to the lab for an am cortisol after all.

*Infertiles don't generally hype Mother's Day out of courtesy to those who are still waiting for their babies. For anyone trying to have a family and failing, Mother's Day is painful. I have my baby and the residual pain of infertility is still there.


  1. Belated Happy Mother's Day!

    It sounds like a wonderful day for the whole family. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it while feeling well.

  2. My favorite line from any blog today: "watered flowers like a drunken fairy" I have a delightful image in my head - thank you! :)


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