Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Toddler Proves She's Amazing and I Am Calamity Jane

So after the stomach flu and the missing dog, I almost set the house on fire yesterday.

All those times I've referenced being in a fog and going through stop signs? All the cognition on time delay due to adrenal stuff?

That caught up with me.

Apparently, recovering from the stomach flu with impaired adrenal function on top of not being quite fully awake yet is the new fire triangle.

I turned on the wrong burner, the burner without a pot on it, and went to take a shower. A nearby dish towel caught fire.

The toddler noticed the smoke and pulled me out of the shower with shouts of 'smoke'.

Not one smoke detector went off. Not one. Which is amazing because there was a lot of smoke.

I ran out of the shower and threw the towel in the sink and doused it with water. I am now terrified, even a day later, which is irrational, that I missed a spark somewhere and the whole house will burn down while we are asleep.

The house smells terrible and the asthma is not so happy with all the smoke inhalation. I don't know what the threshold is for smoke damage, but we may lose our drapes and I suspect our clothing will never quite lose the smell of near disaster.

I still have not updosed, but I am dragging enough now that maybe I will. I continue to hope if I leave my body hanging just a little bit, it will step up and do the right thing. That may not be logical. If the asthma gets bad enough, it's a moot point anyway as I'll have to updose for that.

PS: We will be installing many many more smoke detectors. The current configuration would not sound the alarm until after all exits had been blocked by fire, which is pretty dumb.


  1. OMG! Lucky the Toddler came and got you and alerted you. Just thinking about it scares the crap out of me...I'd have ended up in the ER probably with that scare. You have had a couple of really bad I hope the asthma doesn't act up because of this.

  2. Hi Mo. Yes the toddler saved the day for sure! So proud of her.

    I was too tired to be scared. I stupidly picked the towel up with my bare hands (the non burning part) and tossed it in the sink. Looking back, that was dumb, I could've set myself on fire, but I was still not fully awake yet.

    So it wasn't terribly stressful. Too tired to stress about it. Just dealt with it and went back to finish my shower. The what-ifs didn't start haunting me until much later.

    I am feeling tired now. Having to rest a lot in between chores as I try to get ready for our weekend.

    Still, I may escape without updosing which would be amazing.

    M (Pissed Off Patient)


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