Saturday, May 14, 2011

Upward Trend

I feel pretty good and am all over the place as a result.

Deep cleaned the house one day.

Next day, I wondered why I bothered as the house had resumed it's usual no-one-ever-cleans-me look.

My house is emo-slob.

Then we had a day where we did a post office run, Early Intervention (EI) packet drop off, lunch with grandpa, a quick dash through Toys R Us for a bday gift, and back to the EI offices to sign stuff. Then I drove for an hour, with the toddler screaming like a banshee*, to drag her to a circus.

The circus was a hokey-pokey one ring affair. The juggler? Was also the stagehand.

The stage lights? Could be found at your local Home Depot and are otherwise known as garage/construction lights.

The stars were peeling off the megaphone. The Ringmistress wore granny pants and a sequined top my grandma might have worn to bingo. It was fantastically cheesy and the toddler loved it despite her aversion to noise.

(I wish that circus had a blog, but they don't. I checked.)

Then we drove home and went for a walk.

Today, we have swimming class, a birthday party (which the hubby informs me I will be the parent in attendance because hell to the no is he doing a bday party anytime soon**), and the dogs go to the vet for a second shot.

Compared to what I was living before, I'm at Olympic go-go-go levels now. I get nervous about doing too much too fast, but I'm also having fun. I like having a life.

I'm now trying to figure out the next taper. I don't want to wait too long because then my body starts to show the extra steroids. Can't go too fast because then I feel the lack of steroids.

WHY my body is so princess-in-the-pea sensitive, I don't understand. WHY can't the HPA axis just ramp up and MOVE?

I might start playing with alternate day 5mg/7.5mg dosing next week and see how it goes.

*The highway was "too noisy". She dropped her rabbit etc... Toddlers are a little nuts. Just FYI.

**But I'm the one who had the bday party from hell, remember? While he was in Vegas 'working'? Hubby always gets the well-executed parties (or Vegas). I get purgatory with a sugar high (and no Vegas).

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  1. This taper crap is a pain in the ass isn't it? My endo wants to to try to taper down to 20 mg daily which I was on before. I'm taking 22.5 to 25 mg depending on the day. 2.5 mg is a big taper to me! She wants me to do it
    v e r y s l o w. Ya right! I have a bad summer cold now so I'm am taking 30 just to get through it.

    Sounds like you had a great day wth the Toddler...such fun...mine are all grown up. :(


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