Thursday, July 21, 2011

ACTH Results

I finally got the ACTH challenge results.

-Baseline: 13.6

-30 minute:26

-1 hour: 28.7

Pretty good. I'm pleased, although will re-read all my info to be sure I'm not missing anything. What a difference from the last one, which started at 13 and never got past 20!

I asked why I was feeling adrenal in and out and if I should be taking steroids in those moments. The endo said there was no way to know if my system was wobbling or not, but that taking 5mg every few weeks wasn't going to hurt me.

I really think the exercise is a problem. I have cut back. I'm alternating days, making sure I give myself a longer recovery time. I take naps if I need them too.

But this is an active time of year. We swim. We walk. We bike. We play tennis and badminton. Active things just happen.

It's hard to just sit on the sidelines, but I'm trying.

My hope is that, with time, the balance will shift. I'll feel less and less adrenal and do more and more.


  1. That is great. Congrats :-)

  2. The fact that you are exercising at all is something to celebrate. Congrats on your good results!


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