Friday, July 29, 2011

Gastro Appt

Super wiped right now. Stressful day. Hour and a half at ped doing the annual check up, which was draining for a variety of reasons. Then a mad dash home to get the toddler set up with a sitter and off to the gastro.

The deal is, I have pain but no relevant test results. There should be no pain. It's frustrating. I am on board with the idea that there's nothing wrong, but my body does not care and persists with this RUQ pain.

I will have an endoscopy with ultrasound. The GI Doc worded it very delicately and was super polite, but I gather that I was just too fat for the RUQ ultrasound they did earlier, so we'll do another one.

Ultrasounds must not be very sensitive because I ain't that fat no more. Or maybe my lard is just impenetrable.

I don't have IBS. There are no issues on the exit end, but I was prescribed an IBS anti-spasmodic anyway. I probably won't take it because the issue for me is not the pain, but that there is pain at all. I can mostly live with the pain so long as the GERD is controlled.

But there shouldn't be pain. Or heaviness.

My spidey sense feels strongly that there is something not right, but I have no idea what to do when the endoscopy and ultrasound come back normal. Push for a colonoscopy? Look at the ovarian cyst in there (although how it would make my gallbladder jerk like it was in a mosh pit, I don't know)?

Both the PCP and GI docs mentioned something about a surgical consult, which confuses me. Don't you see a surgeon to cut something out or is there some diagnostic angle that I am unaware of? Will they be able to find what the tests have missed?

What do surgeons do with patients with no diagnosis? Randomly remove organs?

I am in no hurry to have any surgery. I haven't even been off steroids for 2 months. If it's not an emergency, I'd rather just wait. My main concern is to be sure I'm safe, that this pain is not indicative of a serious pathology. It is so specific and chronic, it's hard to accept test results saying everything is fine.

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  1. Sometimes when you're undiagnosed, they want to do an exploratory surgery to go in and look and see if there's anything that jumps out at them.

    Um, have you been evaluated for endometriosis? (Although really, that's something that they can't definitively diagnose without surgery to go find it.) The heaviness and pain make me think of that, and it can cause adhesions anywhere in the abdominal cavity, including on your gallbladder. It's notorious for being hard to identify on ultrasound, too.

    I hope you get some answers, soon.


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