Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HIDA Scan Results

Ejection Fraction: 62%

The fact it took 2 hours for the contrast to enter my bowel? A non specific finding that occurs in approximately 20% of patients and merits further investigation with a Right Upper Quadrant ultrasound to rule out a bowel obstruction.

H. Pylori Test: Negative.

Liver Blood Work: Normal (which I am SO relieved to hear as the fatty liver thing worries me).

Number of phone calls it took to learn this? 6 back and forth over 3 business days.

Amount of time on hold with the doctor's office for the last call? Long enough to complete a work out.

So why does it hurt so much? I can live with pain, up to a point. The past month or so started to cross the line for me, especially with the GERD flaming high. It's hard to believe that level of pain is completely benign.

I also would be shocked if there's a bowel obstruction, everything seems to be moving along just fine in there.

Next steps will be the ultrasound, which will show nothing. Then the GI appointment and, if necessary, the PCP has offered a surgical consult to see about having the gallbladder yanked anyway.

On the one hand, I am relieved that there is no need to rush to surgery, especially with the HPA axis being so mercurial. On the other, I'm frustrated by this body that hurts for no good reason. Even less fun, I believe the test results put me in a category where even if I have the gallbladder removed it may not alleviate the pain.


At least now when I'm up at night due to the pain, I can do so with confidence that there is nothing wrong.


  1. I'm happy for you that the test didn't find anything seriously wrong.

  2. The phone run around...oh how it sucks. :( This does sound a lot like my ex's presentation though, and he did end up having stones despite his gallbladder ejection fraction being low/normal. Surgery helped with the pain, but he did develop chronic diarrhea post-operatively. I guess that's not unheard of.

  3. I don't get how you can have essentially invisible stones? Is the imagine that fallible?

    Although I was thinking last night how this is quiet similar to the arthogram for my wrist. It showed nothing and when they did the surgery, it was much worse than anyone had anticipated.


  4. Well, in the ex, they skipped the imaging and went for the functional tests. Because they were idiots. Once they did an MRI, they saw the stones.

  5. I just underwent a HIDA scan, ALL of my tests have come back "normal" but i have so much pain. My statement to the Doc was the same, "How can nothing be wrong this is not normal". I wish you and I a fast recovery. Also, I have found I can eat rice and that is about it so far with out pain.

  6. I stumbled upon this as I just had a HIDA andy report is nearly identical! Please, I would love to know if you found out what is causing your issues!


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