Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lots and Lots

Okay, busy busy here. Ready?

Take a deep breath. Here we go.

1. Visited 2 preschools. One is the perfect fit (I think) with a gentle director whose done the PT/OT hamster wheel with their kid due to muscle issues. The other is the perfect schedule, fit unknown, but slightly better facility and a good Pre-K program for next year. Gah. How to choose? I hate this part.

2. Did my favorite work out. Ran 400 stairs and walked something more than a mile. Calves were sore for 2 days. I will try for 600 stairs next time. Trying to figure out when to stop? At 1000?

3.Also did some interval running/walking/skipping/hopping. No soreness after that.

4.Had an adrenal moment after that stressful Friday. It wasn't bad, but I was foggy for the whole next day and just run down. Didn't 'wake up' until the day after.

5. Aviva suggested I look at endometriosis (sp?), but I would not think I fit the profile. No painful periods. BUT I did have that laproscopic (sp?) surgery for appendicitis that wasn't appendicitis and I wonder if there's scar tissue from that. There is a palpable difference in tissue quality RUQ vs. LUQ and even appearance. The RUQ is bigger. I have wondered if it's scar tissue.

6.Forgot to ask the gastro on how to handle breakthrough symptoms at night as well as the possibility that it's the GERD meds that are the problem. Also, forgot to ask for refills. Doh! That's how stressed I was that day, stressed into disorganization. Also I ran 6 flights of stairs to make it to the appointment and was still out of breath when they called me back. Really frazzled that day.

7. I seem to have now lost 3 pant sizes, depending on cut and fit. This is the exact same size that no one has in stock. Which is bad because the pants I have on now? Kept on by prayer alone.

One more size 'til goal.

On top, I've dropped one size and I can't quantify beyond that. The goal is just to be something smaller than the current size.

When I was bikini skinny? I wore anything from an 8 to a 16, depending on cut (the curse of being tall with broad shoulders). At goal, the top size will probably waffle between the next two sizes down at. My ass, I can get into one size, the rest not so much.

8. The salad ebook in the right side bar? Hit #4 on Amazon's Kindle top sellers list. Note this is not a competitive category. I think someone could return the book and I'd probably shoot to #1. Still, kind of nice.

Also, one of my slow cooker recipes was selected for a recipe newsletter. No pay, but publicity.

I'm still waiting to hear from the editor on the novella. They are a few days past the deadline they gave me which grrrrr.

9.The asthma no likey the humidity. I've had to use the rescue inhaler. Sigh.

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  1. The scar tissue CAN be a major problem, depending on where the adhesion occurred. I had a problem after a shoulder surgery and it pretty much required a second surgery. The danger, though, is that removing scar tissue can leave yet more scar tissue from the second surgery, creating a cascade of issues. But it could be worth discussing with that surgeon they're referring you to!

    Whatever is causing it, I hope you get some relief!


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