Saturday, September 10, 2011

And Then...

So last we left off, I was loopy and dealing with; an irritating smoke detector, a toddler who was convinced her mother violated the Geneva Convention by serving chicken for lunch, and frustrated, misbehaving dogs.

The toddler ate her chicken and actually liked it once she got over herself. The smoke detector eventually stopped on its own, which made me alarmed. What good is a smoke detector that gives up? It didn't even last an hour.

Then the yellow lab went downstairs and unleashed a passive-aggressive revenge sh*t unlike any I have ever seen. Or smelled.

Fortunately, by then, the hubby was home and got to clean it up. I do 100% of nighttime parenting. He cleans up the poop and vomit. Trust me, he has it easier.

Then our aging black lab started walking like her back was broken and seriously hurting. I thought we were going to have to take her to the emergency vet and put her down, but she recovered. Must've been a muscle spasm or her leg fell asleep. Love that dog and she's getting older faster than I'm willing to accept.

I finally came back online around 5pm. Ate a good lunch and then struggled with dinner, but managed something before going to the preschool parent's meeting. (So excited for her to start, they have lots of cool stuff planned.)

Friday was a repeat with no breakfast. I have so much to do, without hunger or low blood sugar it's very easy to forget to eat.

By Friday afternoon, the low bp struck. So no appetite, low bp, and some adrenal-like flank aches after the endoscopy that were strong enough to wake me up at night.

It's all adding up to an updose, but I'm resisting as long as I can. Maybe I just need more sleep. Plus a good shot of pickle juice.


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