Friday, September 9, 2011

Like Drunk Dialing

For some reason, the loopier I get, the more I blog. I wonder what that is about? Right now*, my blood sugar is low and the food is still cooking. What else to do but write some rambling blog post?

No need to buckle your seat belts for this ride. We aren't going to go that fast.

I forgot to eat this morning* and went to Zumba anyway. At first, I wasn't going to go. I was so tired and the asthma was cranky to boot, it didn't seem like a good idea. The toddler was crushed at the cancellation, so I hustled us out the door. On a wing and a rescue inhaler.

I thought about eating, but then forgot and didn't remember until we were half way there. The work out went pretty well. The out-of-body experience didn't start until we were almost home. This is actually an improvement and another change. It used to be, I crashed if I didn't eat breakfast by 10am. So at least I last longer sans steroids.

Some gummi bear vitamins for a quick sugar boost and cucumbers with salt are not quite holding me together, though.

Cleaning the entire house awaits me, which the dogs were unkind enough to filch a yogurt container off the kitchen counter and shred it while we were gone. They're mad because it has rained all week and they can't chase squirrels all day in the back yard. Clearly, the evil yogurt must die.

The toddler is also screaming about the her awful lunch. Clearly, all her evil mommy's fault. I will say, being loopy extends my tolerance for whining by quite a bit. I just can't focus enough to care. Eat the chicken or scream bloody murder, whatever.

Ahh, here's the punchline to the day. My cooking just set off the smoke detector. One I can't reach to turn off. Not without a ladder and I am way too lightheaded for that. Nothing is on fire (for once!) and I don't think my cooking is scary enough for an alarm, but there you go. Now here we sit amidst the beep-beep-beep.

At least if the house burns down, I won't have to clean it right?

*By 'this morning' and 'right now' I mean Thursday. Time delay blogging just to confuse everyone.


  1. Despite the horror and just plain yuck of having one's health and wellbeing hostage to the whim of a fickle body, this post is rather amusing. :) I am imagining the screaming kid, smoke alarm, naughty dogs, and gummy bears. I do hope you got some good food in you soon after though.

  2. It was laugh or cry,so I laughed. I couldn't help it. The day was so stupid.



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